That’s not how you spell Maddy


Coffee smells like happiness
Wrapping me in life
All despair in the day, in the world
Replaced by this Starbucks cup

Nail polish tastes like guilt
Each flake mocks my repulsed tongue
Oh nails, why do I want to eat you?rsz_nail_polish
‘Twas such a nice shade of purple

And music, music feels like warmth
The cuddly chords caress my aching soulrsz_headphones
I am more now; stronger, greater
Like literally, sometimes I start levitating

Children, they look like irony
Overwhelmed in smiles of unstraight teethrsz_kitten
And we’ll spend our whole lives waiting to laugh
As hard as we once did, at kittens

See, all it is–perceptions
Taking over our vulnerable mindsrsz_maddy
Does it mean anything?
Does anything?

That is the world, tweaked to distortion
Jumbled, scrambled, twisted
Like the coffee cup, with my name
That’s not how you spell Maddy

Staff Writer

Illustrations By HANNAH MINN
Staff Illustrator