A New Leaf: a poem

As children of the world wait in the distance,
a collective sigh breaks out of the silence.
The sky cracks open, revealing a new dawn,
but the sun soon spirals downward and hides from sight;
The season’s last beauty and precious gift.

As the last ray of sun shies away,
a cascade of kaleidoscope leaves
becomes mankind’s veil.
Bearing life and light to the heavy-hearted
is a canvas painted with autumn’s magic.

Among the sweet and spice of the breeze
and the crisp crunch of nature’s fall,
the young dreamer embarks on a journey
while the experienced elder passes on;
Humankind transforms and turns over a new leaf.

Young ones will pass through new worlds
and carry the burdens of change.
But past the struggles come halcyon times
when the soul is slowly lulled with warmth.
Together, we prepare for the lights to dim
as the chill of winter strikes.

Written by ESTHER KANG
Staff Writer