Ryan Daroy performs “She Will Be Loved”


Ryan Daroy (Sr.)

Ryan Daroy (Sr.)
Ryan Daroy (Sr.)

Ryan Daroy (Sr.) recently sang a cover of “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5, which you can view by clicking on this link: http://goo.gl/kAe2O5. Daroy, who has loved this song since elementary school, has memorized all the lyrics to this melody.
University High School (UHS) musician Daroy participates in various choir groups at UHS, including University Choir, Madrigals and the Undertones. He has showcased his love of music primarily through choir concerts and special occasions such as his grandparent’s anniversary party.
Daroy’s favorite singers are Adam Levine and Ryan Tedder. He said, “They compose and write most or all of their songs, and are great people on and off the stage.”
Daroy has been involved in music since the age of six. Apart from singing, Daroy plays the guitar and piano as well. Daroy said that his father is his primary source of motivation in pursuing these interests. He said, “My father taught me to play guitar and encourages me to keep singing as he mentors me.” Daroy was first motivated to sing during parties on a karaoke machine, and he soon became a regular performer at parties. Daroy believes that music enables him to cope with stress and better express his emotions.
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