Competition at UHS: UniVine

University High School (UHS) has just started a new contest for their students called UniVine. UniVine is a competition among UHS students where short videos about any subject can be submitted to be included in Univision. The videos must relate to the prompt released by Keon Zemoudeh (Sr.), the ASB Student Activities Coordinator. He officially announced the first prompt on January 21st. Zemoudeh will continue to reveal one prompt for each week of Univision. The prompt will be shown on Univision but can also be found on Facebook or the Announcements page.
Zemoudeh came up with the idea of UniVine after noticing the popularity of the Vine application during the summer. Since then, he has spent much time working on ways to incorporate UniVine into Univision. Zemoudeh, having been asked multiple times by students to be interviewed for Univision’s “Man on the Street” segment, decided that this competition would be a great way to allow students to be on Univision and have their “seven seconds of fame.”
There are no rules for this contest beyond answering the prompt in a vine. Zemoudeh said he encourages students to “interpret the prompt any way they feel is best.” Ms. Hali Kessler (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.) and the Univision crew will assist Zemoudeh in judging this contest.
UHS students are extremely happy about this new contest. Zemoudeh said that on the first day of the contest, he was approached by at least dozen students who were all very excited to be entering in the competition. He has already received ten segments for the first UniVine segment and hopes to receive at least 50 vines for each segment as people become more aware of UniVine. Zemoudeh said he wants this contest to “excite students” and “help them feel more included” at UHS.