Words of a Shadow: a poem


Illustrated by JESSICA TSAI

Illustrated by JESSICA TSAI
Illustrated by JESSICA TSAI

Alongside every wall
and every crevice I live silently.
 I faithfully follow my destined host,
lurking as a midnight ghost.
But I tell not a horror tale or a gimmick.
Hear my story and my purpose.

Wherever you step,
wherever you go,
I am your other part.
A mere silhouette,
I move and watch accordingly.
I am your friend.
I know your secrets.
I hear your thoughts.

You may not feel me,
but I embrace you in your darkest hours.
You weep out of rage
at life’s great misfortunes,
blankly looking into the mirror.
Your heart beats with sorrow.
Your eyes glisten with fear.

But shed all worry and strife
for my duty is to carry your burden
and lend you my compassion.
Do not hide, step into the light.
For you gleam of a million stars
and cast out the dark night.

Staff Writer