You Are Everything: a poem


Illustrated by WENDY WEI

Illustrated by WENDY WEI
Illustrated by WENDY WEI

You are bigger than nature.
There are galaxies between the rungs of your ribcage,
stars that shoot through your veins.
And can the number of all mountains in the world
really compare to that of the white blood cells
breathing, reproducing, living within you?
(All they want is to keep you alive).

The flowers you planted by your house
will all be dead long before your name
is spoken for the last time.
You breathe fire so great
that a forest can be burned down with your lungs,
and water will listen to your fingertips.
(Watch the ripples run away, they’re scared of you).

You walk while rocks can’t help but watch
as you leave your footprints in the earth.
The ocean is always louder in your head,
and the wind can only scrape at your cheeks.
The world kisses the tips of your fingers.

You are the universe and everything in it.
You are bigger than nature.
Make sure it knows that.

Staff Writer