Maddy Pettit and Danica Silan perform “Sort Of”


Danica Silan (So.) and Maddy Pettit (Sr.) at the piano

Maddy Pettit (Sr.) and Danica Silan (So.) showcased their musical talents through a cover of “Sort Of” by Ingrid Michaelson. You can watch their performance by clicking this link: Pettit and Silan chose to perform this song because they both enjoy Ingrid Michaelson’s music. Pettit loves the delicacy and simplicity of Michaelson’s singing style, which is similar to her own.
Pettit participates in multiple singing groups at University High School (UHS), including Madrigals, Concert Chorale, Women’s Ensemble, Undertones and Honors Choir. Pettit considers singing to be a medium through which she can “express herself and become in tune with her emotions.” She also said she loves “how uncomfortable and vulnerable singing is.” In addition to her experience as a singer, Pettit has been playing the guitar for five years.
Silan has also been a part of multiple singing groups at UHS ever since her freshman year. Silan’s proficiency as a singer is complemented by her piano talent, which she has been cultivating for eleven years. She has achieved recognition as a pianist through a variety of musical competitions.
Although Pettit and Silan derive leisurely enjoyment from singing, they both take their musical pursuits very seriously. Silan started to write and compose her own songs since she was in fifth grade. Similarly, Pettit began to experiment with songwriting from a young age.
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