Beyond the Memory: a poem


Illustrated by JESSICA TSAI

Illustrated by JESSICA TSAI
Illustrated by JESSICA TSAI

Could you create an eternal fairytale
and treat me as your queen?
Could you create a perfect finale
with no distance in between?

Create footprints engraved on traveled summits,
and build steady bridges over mistakes?
Create memories above embellished havens
and relive delicate dreams among heartbreaks?

You could not.

The truth I could not estimate–
your mouth told me a story
that gave me hope to be intimate
with a face full of glory.
Your heart told me another
and fed me lies I wished to eliminate.
A soul cruel like no other,
indifferent and inanimate.

The line between true love and comfort
is one dangerously blurred and thin.
The emptiness of your fading effort
made this tug-of-war impossible to win.

I lost control of my own sight,
and struggled to understand why.
I begged you to make it right,
not to push me towards goodbye
and leave me winded breathless
in a creation once so precious.

Could I still imagine both of us here
in a world without a single fear?
Could I still imagine you never left me
abandoned with just tears?

Imagine the water dancing around our reflections,
the moon glowing on our shadows?
Imagine the rain washing away our frustrations,
the fire burning down our sorrows?

I could not.

You told me to envision
a future we would hold dear
But now I see it loud and clear–
I was blinded by an illusion.

It would never be anything
but an unfulfilled depiction
of a girl left with nothing
but her broken imagination.  

I knew we would not last
when our backs were against the wall
and silhouettes of our past
had nowhere to fall.

By my spirit will rise, for I have much to gain,
like a caterpillar crawling out of its cocoon.
Seeking a sanctuary outside your chains,
I am ready to finally face the typhoon.
Drawing from the strength I had lost before,
my wings will open as I begin to soar.

Staff Writer