UHS celebrates diversity at annual Intercultural Week


UHS students perform Indian dance routines at lunchfests.

This year’s Intercultural Week did not disappoint in joining and celebrating the diverse population of University High School.  The activities were even bigger and better than last year’s – world fair booths, dance performances, games, competitions, and a fashion show were all held in the crossroads from Tuesday to Thursday. The Associated Student Body Intercultural Liaisons Romi Sadlik (Sr.), Chris Sahagian (Sr.) and Jennifer Kim (Sr.) were the main forces behind the activities. Sadlik said, “Our main goal in choosing this year’s activities were to take ideas from previous years to a whole new level and to make learning about cultures fun for everyone.”

On Tuesday, world fair booths featuring individual cultures were hosted by ASB and club members. There were also several performances, including one from the South Asian club. Wednesday involved several trivia games and competition between the four classes. Mehar Nangia (So.), who hosted the South Asian booth on Wednesday, said, “It was a great opportunity for me to showcase my culture. I think it’s important for us to appreciate the diversity we have, and Intercultural Week was a great way to do it!” The last lunchfest of the week was held on Thursday; decorated hats from the homerooms were displayed, and a fashion show displaying these hats was held on a red carpet. Marina Shatskikh (Sr.) said she participated in the fashion show “in order to recognize the ways in which we’re all so diverse. It’s really special to see people come together and learn about and celebrate each other’s’ cultures.”
world fair intercultural
UHS World Fair showcases cultural diversity.

A new activity that was different from previous years is the hat designing competition, a different take on the traditional homeroom poster decoration contest. Shadi Roueenfar (Jr.) said, “I think intercultural week this year has been the best it’s ever been! The lunchfests were fun, and the hat decorating was so unique!” The winner of the hat contest was Hunsicker’s homeroom, whose theme was the Cook Islands. After the points from student participation and lunchfest games were tallied, the winning class was determined to be the Sophomores, who totaled a score of 67 points, with the Juniors earning 52 points, the Freshmen 39 points, and the Seniors 33 points.  The diversity we have on campus is something we can all come together to celebrate during Intercultural Week by embracing and sharing our individual cultures with other students. Sahagian said, “Intercultural Week is about raising awareness of our interconnection with one another, despite our individual cultural differences. By hosting a World Fair, we were able to showcase various traditions and cultural activities associated with the different regions of the globe.”
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