A Warm Embrace: a poem


Illustrated by JESSICA TSAI

Illustrated by JESSICA TSAI
Illustrated by JESSICA TSAI

Bitter days swell with spring rains.
Winter now fades, and the curse is lifted.
No longer does frost envelop the forests
or cast a spell upon the silver lake.
As sunlight thaws the crystal jungles,
spring welcomes a new beginning
with a wisp of startled air in vast iceland.

I grow restless as the world changes.
People come and go without a trace.
I follow unpaved roads that lead nowhere,
and a trap of thorns lay out ahead.
Do I keep walking or turn back to the
unwritten pages and unspoken words?

I stumble upon a delicate stream,
a ravine of cerulean waves.
I speak to the eyes of my reflection
as my lips struggle to form words.
A hollowness is felt deep within my core.
Birds chirp and fleet with joy,
and soft hanging linen kiss the skyline.
A fragrance like sugar venom embraces me,
yet I am left still in utter mystery.

A sudden breeze follows in fear.
Every chill to the bone
is a reminder of the dark winters
that numbed our hearts to stone.
I thought perhaps
the familiar cold had taken toll,
stealing a part of us and our youth.
For we seem to have forgotten love
and spring’s warm embrace.

Staff Writer