Afters Ice Cream: The Milky Bun: a restaurant review

Afters Ice Cream has taken ice cream to a whole new level: soft donuts with creamy ice cream inside. The combination of flavors and textures work perfectly together. They call this heavenly desert the “milky bun.”
Not only is this idea unique, but the ice cream is of great quality and has many sophisticated flavors. They have original ice cream flavors like cookie butter and jasmine milk tea. You can go to get just the ice cream in a cone and still be satisfied.
A donut and ice cream combined might seem like too much of a sugar overload, but it is actually a great combination of textures, flavors and temperatures. You also can get your donut glazed or unglazed, which both accompany the ice cream very well and are not too sweet.
Ever since Afters opened, there has been quite a buzz about their amazing milky buns. The revolutionary ice cream shop has received a lot of attention from media like OC Weekly, who said, “The fact that the donuts are served warm guarantees that they’ll soak up a good amount of melted ice cream, which makes them magical.”
You can get your donut stuffed with two scoops of ice cream and one topping for only $5 plus $0.50 for each additional topping. If you only want ice cream, one scoop is $3.50, two is $5.00(same price as the milky bun) and three is $6.00. The pricing is pretty fair for the quality and originality of this treat.
There tends to be around a 15 minute wait, but you can sometimes avoid the crowd by going in the middle of the day. Although this place is a somewhat far from Irvine, driving to Fountain Valley is worth tasting the revolutionary milky bun at least once.
18030 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Sunday – Thursday: noon – 11 pm
Friday & Saturday: noon – Midnight
Staff Writer