The Sun and Moon: a poem



Beach 1

In another dimension when Earth was born
and before humans arose,
icy forces, led by the mother of nightfall,
swallowed the universe.
She ruled through lightyears, and
her silver armor gleamed in the dark,
gracing over vast sand dunes,
past swirls of stardust and blazing comets.
A guardian of the moon,
she defied gravity with her power
and cursed time into eternal darkness.

But no reign lasts forever.
In the depths of frozen wastelands,
a miracle challenged the moon queen, and
her powers weakened against the opponent.
With a blinding cluster of flares and
a surging fury of passion,
the sun god arose,
leading the treacherous attack.

Far off, the frozen lake crumbled, and
life sprouted from the ground,
in the firm embrace of the sun god.
The moon queen faded in defeat,
but admiration soon took place of anger.
The war had ended and nothing was left,
nothing but a pact between the gods.
The universe and its inhabitants
were forevermore protected.
Beneath this tragic companionship

was the promise of a next meeting.