Catalina Fernandez and Ellie Williams perform “Collide”


Ellie Williams (So.), Danica Silan (So.) and Catalina Fernandez (So.)

Ellie Williams (So.), Danica Silan (So.) and Catalina Fernandez (So.)
Ellie Williams (So.), Danica Silan (So.) and Catalina Fernandez (So.)

Catalina Fernandez (So.), Danica Silan (So.), and Ellie Williams (So.) collaborated in a performance of “Collide” by Howie Day, which can be viewed at Silan believes that this particular song was well suited for her group members’ distinctive voices.

Inspired to sing at an early age, Fernandez has received vocal training for approximately six years. She has also furthered her musical talents by learning how to play the piano and guitar. As a member of the UHS Concert Chorale, Fernandez has performed in multiple singing performances at school, including Cabaret Night, Open Mic Night, Choir Spring Concert, and Choir Pop’s Concert. She was also featured in Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shrek the Musical, and Dance Showcase. Fernandez said, “Singing allows me to express any emotions I cannot bring forth in other ways. It enables me to discover myself artistically and personally”. Fernandez admires singer Norah Jones for her ability to have a controlled volume while maintaining a sultry yet soft tone. She also enjoys listening to Jones’ lyrics, which she considers to be expressive and honest.

Motivated by a desire to express herself in front of family and friends, Williams has pursued music since the 4th grade. Her involvement in school musicals and various church performances helped Williams develop a true passion for singing. Like Fernandez, Williams is a part of the Concert Chorale at UHS and has performed in many of the same shows. She is largely inspired by English singer-songwriter Birdy because of the simplicity of her music. Williams also admires Coldplay, who she considers to be “a diverse band, with songs ranging from calm and soothing songs (such as We Never Change) to fun danceable songs (such as
Princess of China).” She especially enjoys listening to “The Scientist” by Coldplay because of the intense emotion evoked by the song. Williams’ wide range of musical experience is reflected in her appreciation of both theatrical music and alternative/ indie songs.

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