The Color of my Sky: a poem


Illustrated by JESSICA TSAI

Illustrated by JESSICA TSAI
Illustrated by JESSICA TSAI

Clear, blue skies enveloped my days,
when I pondered as a child, who will I be?
The beauty of youth lies in the freedom to wonder,
and the ability to hope as imagination blossoms.
With a pure canvas I ran, wild and free,
seeking some direction, waiting to be inspired.

As my thoughts began to spout,
my sky slowly transformed.
I was no longer a child,
but lingering somewhere in between.
Growing every day, I spotted clouds in the distance,
taking on the form of my hopes and hue of my dreams.

The faint colors I saw before started to fade
as the light escaped from my horizon.
I had chased for so long after an elusive goal
that I started to question the value of a dream.
The reality of life confronted my innocence,
Leading me to wonder, can I continue to believe?

With a jaded heart, I gazed at twilight approaching,
and the silent beauty of the night lured me in.
But as I recalled the burning passion of my youth,
I chose to reignite the fire that had started to dim.

If I treasure my dream and continue to believe,
I will find the courage to create a reality that shines.
Once my journey culminates under a glorious sunset,
I hope that I can inspire another’s sky.

Expressions Editor