Gypsy Den: a restaurant review


Staff Writer

Customers can choose from healthy sandwiches and salads to hot drinks

The Gypsy Den, a small café located at The Camp in Costa Mesa, is different from other cafes I have been to. The whole café is decorated with white twinkling lights, setting an angelic mood while eating a meal. Striking vines crawl up and down the walls, creating an illusion that you are eating in a different city. Unlike other restaurants in Costa Mesa, The Gypsy Den has an upscale earthy look.
The Gypsy Den serves breakfast from 8 AM to 11 AM, including breakfast sandwiches, burritos, eggs and French toast. Even though cafe’s breakfasts are delicious, it is mostly known for its lunches. The cafe serves sandwiches that range from Chicken Waldrof to Roast Beef.  When I went, I ordered the Roasted Turkey sandwich that comes with turkey, provolone, sprouts, cucumber, tomato, mayo and mustard.  The sandwich was delicious; I could taste the freshness of all the vegetables and it tasted as though it had just come out of the oven. In addition to a tasty meal, the café also offers drinks such as the vanilla chai tea latte, which has an exotic,zest that complements the vanilla pleasantly.
Food on the menu ranges from $11 to $30. All the tasty sandwiches cost around $15 and include a side of your choice: salad, fruit or chips. The coffee and tea ranges between $3 to $5 dollars. Prices may seem high, but you are paying for true quality.
I was overall very impressed with the great taste and quality of the food; I often go to the café with my school friends. Andrea Jacob (Sr.) said, “It’s a great place to grab food with friends and can also be a great place for studying.” All in all, I would give the restaurant five out of five stars and encourage other students to try it!
125 N. Broadway Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Monday-Sunday: 8 AM – 10 PM