September Artist of the Month: Yamini Nambimadom


Artist of the Month- Yamini Nambimadom

Staff Writer
September’s artist of the month is Yamini Nambimadom (Jr.), nominated by her drama teacher Ms. Ranae Bettger (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.) Since her freshman year, Nambimadom has been an avid participant in theater. While at University High School (UHS), she has starred in Annie Get Your Gun, played the lead of Queen Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and performed as Red Riding Hood in Shrek! The Musical. She will be starring as Stella Brahms in the upcoming fall production of Stardust. Nambimadom said of theater, “When I was a lost little freshman and stumbled into the theater, I was immediately welcomed into the family without hesitation, and from that moment, I knew the theater was where I wanted to spend all four of my years at Uni.”
When asked how drama impacted her high school career, Nambimadom said, “I’ve learned to prioritize, put in as much work where I can whenever I can, and try to make the most of every situation. On stage, when the adrenaline is pumping through your veins, you forget about every negative person and every bad test score.”
In addition to performing for the theater department, Nambimadom is also an integral part of the UHS Comedy Sportz team. Ms. Bettger calls her a “bubbly, creative, and supporting member of the [Comedy Sportz] troop.”
According to Ms. Bettger, Nambimadom “has a passion for theater. She is hard working and dedicated to her art form. She tackles challenges with grace, and is a natural leader. Her gentle spirit makes her a pleasure to work with and an approachable inspiration to underclassmen.” Nambimadom said, “Ms. Bettger has shaped my growth so much. In the few years I’ve known her, she has incredibly taught me about character, both onstage and off. She tells it like it is, and she has never once failed to be there for me when I have needed her.”
Nambimadom adds that the fear of failure should not stop anyone from pursuing drama. She said, “I didn’t make the cast of the play my freshman year, but I worked hard, and by my sophomore year, I landed a lead role in Midsummer! If I had chosen to give up after one failure in my freshman year, I would have missed out on so many wonderful opportunities and people.” When asked what advice she would give to others interested in theater, Nambimadom said, “If you want to try something new, go for it! High school is the time to step out of your comfort zone. The theatre department will welcome anyone with a genuine heart with open arms.”