Girls Golf defeats Woodbridge 202-220 and Irvine 209-252, successful in Long Beach Invitational

Staff Writers
The University High School (UHS) girls golf team played against Woodbridge High School (WHS) on October 2 and Irvine High School (IHS) on September 30. They also competed in the Long Beach Golf Invitational Tournament on September 29.
On October 2, the team played a close match against WHS, defeating them 202-220. Mina Rhee (Jr.) said, “Our team would joke about the ‘Rancho curse’, because we would all do terrible whenever we had a match there [at Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course], but we broke the curse this year because most of us shot pretty well.”
After playing a long and competitive match, the girls defeated IHS with a score of 209-252 on September 30. This was a big win for the girls, especially because the girls played in a long tournament the day before. Samantha Cabunag (Fr.) had the lowest score and stood out on the course. Celine Nie (So.) said, “[It was] a big win for us, pretty good considering the conditions and fatigue we had from the previous day’s tournament.”
On Monday, September 29, select players of the team participated in the Golf Invitational Tournament in Long Beach. The tournament’s participants are limited only to those who received an invitation to compete or who are automatically qualified for an invitation. The following UHS players competed: Susan Lee (Jr.), Mina Rhee (Jr.), Eugene Rhee (Fr.), Samantha Cabunag (Fr.), Kristin Shea (Fr.), and Nitya Bhardwaj (Sr.). Bhardwaj said, “The overall team score was better than any of the other years I have played since my freshman year”.
The team will play next against Beckman on Tuesday, October 7. The team is currently 5-1 in League.