As the World Crumbles: a poem

Illustrated by WENDY WEI

Where is our world headed?
With Humanity’s current state,
All its destinations are dreaded,
For only bloodshed is written in its fate.

Why must pain and sadness loom over the innocent?
In our minds,
Instead of joy, why must anger be present?
What sins have children committed,
That such cruel punishments upon them are permitted!

Time and again,
We’re told, “Unity exists in Diversity,”
But each belief has turned to war.
Must it continue for all eternity?

In our world,
We subdue the kind and wise,
Though, without them, we’ll be left with nothing but red skies.

Our sky is still blue,
And the water is still calm.
But it shall soon turn red
By the blood smeared on our palm.

Before war, exists an excruciating silence,
During the battle, only mindless violence.
But after, does a  smile creep up on our face?
It never can, for upon our face only tears race.

Some say, “War is to rid the world of Evil.”
But why must a good man wage his life
Against a sinner whose grace is beyond retrieval?

So many have questioned the existence of war,
But no answer measures up to the lives lost so far.
For even the most infuriated roar
The tears of loved ones is not at par.

Staff Writer