Nala: an album review

Album Cover of Nala (Courtesy of Jacob Wigal)

Staff Writer
When Jacob Wigal (Sr.) released his second official album on September 23, 2014, word spread quickly around campus. Wigal is heavily involved in the music scene at University High School (UHS), performing his original songs at the annual talent shows and open mics, special nights hosted by the Artivism club in which anybody can sing, dance or recite their own poems at UHS. Wigal is also a dedicated member of the choirs at UHS.
When asked what motivated him to start singing and making albums, Wigal said, “If you saw baby Scavengers [Jake], he would be wearing a Beatles T-shirt listening to Abbey Road on a portable cd-player while working his way through a Beatles’ lyrics book. I wanted to be as cool as Paul, John, George, and Ringo.” Wigal worked hard on his music, and his own unique style came naturally as he drew inspiration from his favorite musical role models, including Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Vampire Weekend and Marvin Gaye.
His newest album, Nala, consists of five original songs, each one different from the rest. When asked what inspired him to write these songs, Wigal said, “Most of the inspiration is Twitter and girls. It’s about growing up. It’s about not growing up. It’s me wishing life and love were simple.” These topics are relatable to all of us, and that is why Nala appeals to so may students at UHS.
The album was named Nala after the youngest daughter of Agnes Kwende, the leader of Precious Life Ministry. As an organization, Precious Life Ministry helps young women escape sexual abuse and prostitution by teaching them life skills necessary to succeed in professions such as hairdressing and catering. All proceeds made from Nala go to this organization.
The lyrics in Wigal’s new album come from the heart; the music is distinctive, unlike some popular music played on the radio today. “Diamond Eyes,” one of the songs on the album, stands out for its very simple but dramatic beat in the background, along with the effortless melody line that perfectly complements the song. My favorite song on the album is “Feel Right” because its lively sound and upbeat feeling made me want to dance; the track was three minutes and fifteen seconds of pure pleasure. The album surpassed expectations with its originality and quality throughout each song.
Check out Nala on iTunes, Google Play Store and Spotify for fifteen minutes of great music and to support Jake, Nala, and the Precious Life Ministry.