Girls Volleyball loses 0-3 to CDM, 3-7 in league


Staff Writer
On Tuesday, October 28, University High School (UHS) played Corona del Mar High School (CDM). UHS lost all three games to CDM for a final score of 0-3. Though the score may seem like an upset, the score does not reflect the 3 tense matches.
CDM came out strong in the first match, sweeping UHS easily, bringing the game to a score of 0-1. In the second match, Defensive Specialist Klaire Thoman (Fr.) was impressive in both defense and offense. Even though Thoman played well, UHS struggled in the second game. CDM kept hitting point after point, leaving the match score 8-17. Despite the point difference, setter Madison Daniels (Jr.) continued to give the UHS outside hitters controlled sets throughout the match. Finally, the Sea Kings secured their second match win, leaving the score 0-2.
Christine Bennet (Sr.) said, “We were ready to dominate the court after the second match; we were pumped and ready to control the court.”
The third match was more memorable. The match opened with strong offense from both teams, beginning with a score of 4-4. CDM found a hole in UHS’s defense leaving the score 7-12. The Trojans, however, did not let this affect the team ; Thoman created many power plays, which allowed the Trojans to close in on CDM with a score of 15-19.
Leila Heiba (Sr.) said, “I was screaming on the side lines, we were so close to winning this game, the closest we have gotten to a win against CDM.” Despite UHS’s efforts, CDM’s strong outside hitters ended the match 19-24.
This loss takes UHS to 3-7 in league. UHS’s next volleyball game is at home against Northwood High School on October 30 at 5:15 pm.