FrankenFashion: UHS hosts annual Halloween costume fashion show


A student captures the Iron Patriot with his costume. (Nancy Wu)

Staff Writer
On October 31, 2014, University High School (UHS) hosted its annual Halloween Fashion Walk. Each homeroom was allowed to select one student to represent each classroom in the catwalk that took place at the Crossroads during lunch. The entire fashion show was separated into four categories: best costume, scariest costume, most creative and most effort.
In the end, Nico Ervoes (Sr.) in his homemade Storm Trooper costume, won best costume. Besides winning the title, the Star Wars costume actually meant something more to Ervoes.
“I started costuming during my freshman year and this was my first costume that I have ever made. My dad was a big inspiration for me and helped me a lot,” he explains, “I chose to be a Storm Trooper because I have always been a big fan of Star Wars and with this [the costume] you don’t have to show your face. Sometimes you can just pretend to be the guy behind the mask. I would prefer to be that.”
In the other categories, Andrew Ngyuen (So.) brought it home by winning Most Creative with his hand-stitched Naruto costume. Jazmin Soto (So.) also won the title of Most Effort with her pink cotton candy costume. Lastly, Natanael Cho (Sr.) won Scariest Costume as he spent over five hours piecing together his burned zombie costume.
Cho said, “Because this is my senior year, I wanted to go all out with my costume. I wanted to have a unique costume, so I decided on something extremely scary. This fashion show was a great way to show people’s artistic skills and creativity.”
The annual Halloween festival held by UHS was a great success this year, especially due to the addition of the catwalk. Noah Obstfeld (Jr.), the host of the fashion show, said, “Some of the costumes were fantastic. I really liked the dedication that the people had. The effort that some people made was amazing. This made the tradition continue on.”
Likewise, Victoria Pham (So.), one of the attending judges, said, “The catwalk, being a brand new event, went really well! I loved seeing all the different costumes. I could tell the participants put in a lot of time and effort into them. The amount of people that participated was amazing and the crowed showed a lot of support. I am looking forward to see what next year’s catwalk will have in store.”
Overall, the Halloween show this year has shown wonderful results. Many of the students showed up and were all very eager to participate in the catwalk. We will always have next year’s Halloween festival to look forward to.