UHS’s first freshman homeroom club showcase

UHSs first freshman homeroom club showcase

Plenty of a freshmen jumped at the opportunity to sign up for a club. (Diana Zhang)

Staff Writer
IMPACT is an organization within Univeristy High School (UHS), in which returning students help freshmen with their transition into high school. In previous years, IMPACT meetings were scheduled during Office Hours, but with the addition of homeroom this year, homeroom has allowed for a more flexible scheduling that has pushed IMPACT meetings to take place during homeroom.
This year, IMPACT has decided to do something new. Koan Zhang (Sr.), an IMPACT Program Organizer, and Kristina Shia (Sr.), Associated Student Body Clubs Commissioner, came up with the idea of having the Freshman Clubs Showcase, an event in which freshmen are able to observe what clubs are at UHS. Being involved in clubs allows one to experience new things and provides an environment where one can do what he or she enjoys. Kristina Shia (Sr.) commented on how she and Koan were involved in many clubs their freshman years and said, “Clubs became really important to us and we wanted freshmen to get a chance to experience the same thing.” Koan Zhang (Sr.) said, “The mostly frequently asked question from freshmen is what clubs are out there and how they can sign up.” At the start of freshman year, there is no official introduction to clubs and how one is able to sign up for them. There are hundreds of clubs at UHS and only very few gain major recognition from students.
On Friday, October 31, the blacktop area was set up with numerous tables for clubs to come out and promote their cause to the freshmen. IMPACT leaders led their groups of freshmen and helped introduce them to different types of activities they could be involved with on campus.
Brandon Lim (Fr.) said, “It was very helpful how IMPACT hosted this event because at the beginning of the year, I had no idea what clubs were on campus.” Freshmen Club Showcase was the perfect way to look at other clubs and what they have to offer. Vitna Kim (Fr.) said, “It gave freshmen a convenient opportunity to sign up and get to know more about the clubs.” Given this opportunity, freshmen were able to take advantage of it and better explore the other aspects of high school life. Freshman Club Showcase was the perfect event to “meet with actual representatives of clubs rather than just reading or hearing about them,” said Neah Lekan (Fr.). This event was an interactive and effective approach to allow freshmen to sign up and inform them of the abundance of clubs at UHS.