Peyton Manning breaks passing touchdown record

Staff Writer
Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Denver Broncos, broke the all-time passing touchdown (TD) record previously held by Brett Favre on Sunday Night Football against the San Francisco 49ers on October 19, 2014. Manning, a future hall-of-fame quarterback, played for the Indianapolis Colts for 14 seasons and signed with the Broncos after being released from the Colts due to multiple surgeries on his neck. Many people doubted Manning after being released by the Colts, but he has thrived in Denver for two and a half years so far.
The Broncos vs 49ers game was a historical game for Manning. He threw his 509th career TD pass in the late second quarter of the game to receiver Demaryius Thomas. His performance in the game led his team to a 42-17 victory.
Manning is now the all-time leader in TD passes. He is a one-of-a-kind player and there will never be “another Peyton Manning.” His record is enshrined in National Football League (NFL) history and he will be remembered as one of the best football players ever. Manning is the face of the NFL and it can be argued that he is the best player in the league right now. Watching Manning play is truly special because of his high level of play, despite his age of 38 playing in his 17th season. He is a five-time NFL MVP, a thirteen-time pro bowler, and the Colt’s all-time leader in passing yards and TD passes.
No matter what team he is playing for, Manning is great enough to raise his team’s level of play. Last year with the Broncos, he broke the league’s record for most TD passes thrown in a single season (55). Manning has thrown over 100 TD passes with the Broncos ever since joining the team in 2012. In the Broncos 2013-2014 season opener against the Baltimore Ravens, Manning made history by throwing 7 TD passes, becoming one of only six players in NFL history to throw seven TD’s in a single game and defeating the reigning Super Bowl XLVII Champions, the Ravens. He has led the Broncos to consecutive winning seasons and led them to a Super Bowl appearance last year against the Seattle Seahawks. Denver was the highest scoring offense last year, scoring 606 points in total to become the first team in history to score 600 points in a single season. The Broncos are an excellent team because of the talent the legendary quarterback has. Every year they are contenders with Manning controlling the huddle.
“Peyton Manning is by far the best QB in the NFL for the numerous records he’s put up on the board and all the touchdown passes he has thrown in his entire career, despite having only one Super Bowl win, his records are very impressive,” said Riley Smith (Jr.).
If Manning continues to play this well, he will reach new heights that a quarterback has never reached before. He already has created a hall-of-fame career in Indianapolis with the Colts, but he is creating another in Denver. Although Manning has only one ring so far, he has been known as a great and consistent player every year in the league. His numbers this year are among the best, and he is one of the leading candidates for NFL MVP again this year. He is a dominating player that is tough to play against and is an outstanding quarterback. Despite his recent health issues, Manning is not showing any signs of it affecting his play. Throwing more than a hundred TD passes in two and a half seasons with one team is unheard of, unless you are thinking of Peyton Manning.
Manning is defying age on the field and is still looking good as ever, throwing the football to his talented weapons on offense. He may play another three years depending on how well he plays in the near future. From the looks of it now, Manning does not look like he is ready to slow down. It is astonishing how long he has played in the NFL because quarterbacks take a lot of physical damage to their body every year. It takes a tough player to play in the NFL; Peyton Manning is one of them and after his historical career is over, he will be remembered as one of the best of all time in the football world.