Taco Asylum: a restaurant review


Taco Asylum offers a variety of tacos including the Mango Habanero Taco

Staff Writer
Taco Asylum, a small restaurant located nearby South Coast Plaza, serves a variety of superb food. I found the restaurant unique for the unusual tacos it offers, from its “Bacon PB&J” specialty taco to its “Paneer” (Indian-Style Cheese) vegetarian taco. I ordered its well-known Kettle Corn Nachos, and instantly understood why this delicious dish is famous for its rich taste. The nachos were the best I had ever eaten; the cheese melted in my mouth and the fresh toppings did not distract from the kettle corn chip flavor. Ever since I ate these nachos, I have been craving the dish every day. The portions of the nachos were surprisingly generous, meant to feed two to three people.
In addition to the nachos, I ordered the Mango Habanero Taco. The chicken and mangos combined with the hint of habanero sauce made a unique and tasty dish, and the meat was especially fresh. I enjoyed how the toppings, similar to the toppings of the nachos, highlighted the flavor of the dish and were not overwhelming. The tacos are only $5 each, so groups of friends who go to the restaurant can enjoy multiple dishes for a reasonable price.
My only complaint with Taco Asylum was that its service was a bit lackluster. For example, I had to constantly ask for one refill of my drink because the waiter kept forgetting my request.
Julie Furukawa (Jr.) said of the restaurant, “I absolutely love this place; this really was an authentic Mexican restaurant in my opinion! Way better than Chipotle. I know it sounds kind of cheesy but, once I had a bite of the nachos I instantly told my best friend [that they were] nachos (not yours)!”
Taco Asylum is not the best sit-down restaurant because the environment there is relatively laidback. The hip-hop and rap songs playing in the background make it apparent that the restaurant caters to youth and people in their twenties. Taco Asylum may not be ideal for older people or family dinners, but I would definitely recommend it for a fun place to hang out with a few friends for a delicious lunch or dinner.