Rainy game for girls soccer, ties with Godinez 2-2

Staff Writer
On Tuesday, December 2, University High School’s (UHS) girls Varsity played against Godinez High School (GHS) and tied 2-2.
As the game started, so did the rain. Emma Goolsby (Fr.) and Paige Metayer (Fr.), the only freshmen on the team, performed notably well. Goolsby was the first to score for the Trojans, scoring on her first touch and penetrating the bottom right of the opponent’s goal. Co-captain Sarah Stern (Sr.) was playing alongside Goolsby. Stern was constantly running across the left side of the field and was able to create many scoring opportunities for the team.
During the first half, GHS found a hole in UHS’ defense and scored their first goal, leaving the score 1-1. UHS struggled to continue its momentum. Sydney Schneider (Sr.) said, “After Godinez scored, the whole team knew we needed to collect ourselves and pick the pace.”
Cameron Lopez (Jr.) lobbed a lucky ball into the goal, placing the Trojans back in the lead. Defender Caitlin Miner (Jr.) was then able to create a block aid that the opposing team could not penetrate. Miner said “I knew I needed to step up and bring the heat, the team was relying on me to defend the goal.” Despite the defenders’ tremendous work, GHS was still able to score, and the game ended with a tie of 2-2.
The next game is on Tuesday, December 9 against San Juan Hills High School at the UHS stadium.