Girls soccer loses 0-1 to Warren

Staff Writer
On Thursday, December 4, University High School’s (UHS) Girls Varsity soccer played against Warren High School and lost 0-1. Both teams were evenly matched, offensively and defensively.
In the first half, UHS’s offense dominated the opposing team’s players. Warren was playing a style of soccer called “kick-ball.” The defense did not try to connect the ball in the back line, but rather tried to kick the ball as far as they could the first time. Co-captain Sarah Stern (Sr.), who plays on the wing, said, “This team was a physical team who didn’t try to play possession. This was hard because, in my position, I tried to steal the ball from the defenders, but they kept kicking the ball high and over our heads.”
Paige Metayer (Fr.) controlled the midfield, connecting her team’s passes to maintain possession. She said, “It was an unfortunate loss, but our team played very well. I played in the midfield and connected many passes to help our team.”
In the second half, Warren focused on using their outside wingers, and was able to score, leaving the team 0-1 against UHS. As the game continued, UHS could not find any gaps in Warren’s defense and did not score a goal.
UHS will next play against San Juan Hills High School on December 9.