Tis’ the season: UHS students get into the holiday spirit

Tis the season: UHS students get into the holiday spirit

The Christmas tree under which toys for the toy drive have been placed. (Lexi Lim)

Staff Writer
With winter break coming up, students at University High School (UHS) are excited to be getting into the holiday spirit. Because of the diversity in the UHS student body, students are planning to celebrate the two weeks off during winter break in a variety of ways.
Aidan Arasasingham (So.) said he is looking forward to the two weeks off, during which his family usually gets together to celebrate the holidays. He said, “Around Christmastime, we put up a Christmas tree and spend an evening decorating the tree with ornaments, lights and ribbons. We also put up decorations like lights and a wreath outside the house. On Christmas morning, we open gifts as a family and all of us have lunch together.”
Tal Harris (Jr.), who celebrates Hanukkah, said, “Even though the eight day holiday begins before break, it continues up until Christmas Eve. Each night we light the candles and celebrate with friends and family. I’m glad that a few days of the holiday are over break so that we will be able to celebrate without the stress of school and tests.”
Anisha Patil (Fr.) said that, while she does not celebrate any particular holiday over the break, this year her family is planning on doing something unique. She said, “Over winter break, I am going to India to visit my family. We are going to see my mom’s old house that she grew up in, and we are also going sight-seeing. I am looking forward to spending time with my family and traveling.”
At UHS, students are encouraged to get into the holiday spirit by participating in the annual school wide toy drive. ASB Secretary Shannon Choi (Sr.) said, “Students got into the holiday spirit by donating to the toy drive! They go to the Christmas tree at the office and pick up an ornament with a child’s name and age. All they had to do was buy a new gift for this child and place it under the tree with the ornament attached to it! This is a great way to give back to the community and to make someone else just that much happier during the holidays.”
With so much diversity, no two students at UHS celebrate in the exact same way, but, regardless of how you choose to spend your break, we hope you have a great break and a happy New Year.