My Future Self: a poem

Illustrated by Emily Miyaoka
Illustrated by EMILY MIYAOKA

I ask for an ear desperately,
for this letter is to the future me.
Time will pass and I will soon have matured.
But before that day I entrust this will,
in hopes that it will last years from now.

I ponder about my future self,
how she will grow and persevere.
I pray that she is not too disappointed
and stays strong with her head held high.
Innocence will fade,
but I hope the fire in her eyes never dies.

As I look up at the stars
on this hushed hour of twilight,
I await my future self to also look forth,
to collect every puzzle piece
and rekindle lost dreams.

I send my regards to the future me.
Monsters may attack from within,
spirit growing old and weary.
But secure yourself with shining armor,
for you have my love mounted on your back.

Written by ESTHER KANG
Staff Writer