Boys soccer ties 2-2 with Beckman, falls 1-2 to CDM

Staff Writer
UHS boys soccer played their second league game against Beckman High School (BHS) on Tuesday, January 14 in which they tied 2-2. The majority of the game was in UHS’s possession, giving the Trojans offensive control.
The wings, Tommy Levasseur (Sr.) and Riley Duncan (Jr.), had a fantastic game and made a total of 17 crosses. They created many offensive opportunities for attackers Indiana Fuller (Sr.) and Marcos Fernandez (Sr.). Duncan made multiple crucial plays on the wing and beat BHS defenders almost every time.
Adam McDermott (Sr.) scored an impressive header off a cross from Duncan in the first half, and Fuller also scored from the top of the key. Before the first half ended, UHS’s defense failed and BHS scored.
During the second half, UHS dominated the field once again. Defender Evan Mouchard (Fr.) played aggressively and had numerous stops, as did Aidan Galassetti (Sr.). Michael Armand (Sr.) played goal keeper the whole game and communicated well with his defense.
In the last two minutes of the match, Beckman snuck in one last goal, tying the game with a final score of 2-2.
Levasseur said, “We definitely should have won, we had possession the entire game. We just made stupid mistakes on defense and that cost us our win.”
On Thursday, January 15, in the match against Corona del Mar High School (CDM), UHS lost its first match of the league season.
CDM scored one goal in the first half from a slip up in defense. Fuller then fired a shot back in the second half, tying the game at 1-1. CDM scored once more at the end of the second half, ending the game with a final score of 1-2.
Overall, it was a frustrating game for UHS. Fernandez said, “We should have won. We played better than them offensively and defensively and overall we are a stronger team with more chemistry. We’ll get them next time; we aren’t letting this get us down.”
The Trojans are currently 1-1-1 in league.