UHS students’ plans for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the Air: UHS students share their Valentines Day plans. (Scott/Flickr)

Love is in the Air: UHS students share their Valentine’s Day plans. (Scott/Flickr)

Love is in the Air: UHS students share their Valentine's Day plans. (Scott/Flickr)
Love is in the air as UHS students share their Valentine’s Day plans. (Scott/Flickr)

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It’s that time of year again, when grocery stores peddle red and pink iced confections and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and television commercials offer the promise of love in the form of forty-nine ninety-nine dollar flower arrangements. As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches on February 14, some couples stress over finding the perfect gift for their boyfriend or girlfriend, making an unnecessary hassle out of a lighthearted celebration of love and friendship.
When asked about Valentine’s Day plans, Flora Chang (Sr.) said of boyfriend Dhruv Nathwani (Sr.), “We have plans, but he isn’t telling me what they are. He’s planning a surprise.” On a different note, Trisha Castaneda (Sr.), with boyfriend Josh Foliaki (Sr.), said, “I actually have to work on Valentine’s Day! But Josh and I are going to a Logic concert the day after to celebrate, to make up for not celebrating the day of.”
Another couple, Margot Revet (Sr.) and Konrad Kozlowski (Sr.) have very different plans. Revet says, “ We actually aren’t spending Valentine’s day together, because I will be in New York for an audition. We will probably Skype call on Valentine’s Day, and will celebrate in person once I get back!” When asked about gift choices that they would like to receive, Chang and Revet both agreed that gifts were not the most important part, and that spending time together was the most important. Revet also said that a “handwritten card, or something personalized” would be the best gift, as it would hold more sentimental value.
With Valentine’s Day falling on a Saturday, both people who are in a relationship, as well as those who humorously celebrate Single’s Awareness Day—a day for those not in a romantic relationship—will have the full day to do what they want with whoever they want. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, friendship and relationships. Above all, if your plans fall through or you are having difficulty coming up with ideas on what to do, a night in with Netflix, food, or good company is always a dependable idea.