Dance Showcase: “Sleep. Eat. Dance. Repeat”


The Dance Company officers are the last to take a bow, ending the performance.

Staff Writer

On February 9 and 10, students, teachers and parents filed into the Big Theater to see the annual University High School Dance Showcase, appropriately dubbed “Sleep. Eat. Dance. Repeat.” The student-run performance included dances choreographed and performed by students both involved and uninvolved with UHS’s dance department. The show featured dances of all genres, from contemporary to hip-hop and from K-pop to Bollywood.
Amanda Lampe (Sr.) said, “Showcase, for me, was a great experience and I loved choreographing and dancing with one of my closest friends, Ashley. Dancing is what I love to do and I’m really glad I got to be apart of such a great show!” Fellow dancer Amy Chang (Sr.) echoed Lampe’s enthusiasm and said, “As a senior, this was my fourth and final year participating in showcase. What never fails to impress me is the amount of love and team support exhibited by all the performers as a whole. I’m so enormously grateful to take part of this memorable experience.”
The show’s incredible variety of genres was best evidenced by the range of emotions present in the different pieces. The show seamlessly transitioned from contemporary pieces like “Hold You” by Nashalah Mcnamara (Jr.), to cultural pieces like “Tam Tam Pushpanjali” by Stuti Gohil (Sr.). The show closed with a performance by the Dance Company Officers, titled “Humdrum” to express the mundane yet cyclical qualities of our day-to-day lives, ending the piece with the breaking of the cycle.
Dance Showcase was truly an artistic representation of the cultural diversity and profusion of talent at University High. Dance Company will perform its last show of the school year, “MO(VE)MENTS”  running from May 21-23, 28 and 29.