Boys and Girls Swim open season with dual meet against Santa Margarita and Irvine Relays

Staff Writer
On Thursday, March 5, UHS swam against Santa Margarita. The next day, March 6, the team participated in the Irvine relay meet.
Santa Margarita girls are the division one reigning champions, so it was a tough battle for UHS. The UHS boys are the current division one reigning champions. The girls lost but the boys were victorious.
In the Irvine Relays, both UHS girls and boys took second place overall behind Irvine (IHS) by 17 points. UHS boys finished first in the 400 medley, earning their team 24 points.
In the 400 breast relay, UHS girls finished second behind Northwood (NHS), earning another 17 points. The boys finished first again in the 400 breast. In the 400 fly relay, girls placed second behind NHS and the boys placed second behind NHS as well. Girls were first in the 400 backstroke relay, earning the team 24 points and boys placed second behind NHS. In the 400 free relay, girls placed second behind IHS and boys placed first. Lastly, girls won first in the 200 medley and boys placed second behind NHS.
Although the boys swam well, they suffered from several disqualifications and did not earn as many points as expected.
Girls team captain Kathy Lim (Sr.) said, “It was a challenging but a good start for our team. We know it’s not going to be an easy season for us because we lost a lot of our top scoring swimmers last year, but that’s only going to push us to all step up for the team. I believe in us and we have a lot of potential. We’ll get there.”
Boys team captain Matt Wong (Sr.) said, “We’re off to a positive start! We have high expectations set for us and we intend on reaching those. As reigning champions we have a title to defend so there’s pressure but it’s good for us and we look forward to having an even better season than last year.”