Why juggling a job with school is worth it


(John Benson/Flickr)

(John Benson/Flickr)
Jobs are another extracurricular activity that students commonly undertake. (John Benson/Flickr)

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University High School’s curriculum is often referred to as very rigorous and difficult. When students attempt to take on Advanced Placement and honors-level classes, their workload increases tenfold. Additionally, when students decide to take on a part-time job to make money, balancing a challenging school schedule with a demanding work schedule becomes painstakingly difficult.
University High School’s academics are challenging and demanding, and having a job to commit to can put a toll on students. When asked about juggling school work and the demands of her job, Nayana Bhatnagar (Jr.) said, “Uni’s courses are difficult, and it is especially challenging to commit to a job while excelling in school. Teachers demand a lot out of their courses, and time spent on the job could be spent toward doing homework or studying. It is a challenge to balance the two things out.” The struggle to achieve good grades is difficult, and adding a job to one’s schedule makes time constraints even tighter. However, Bhatnagar finds it to be worth it in the end. She feels that this job gives her a positive sense of accomplishment.
Balancing a sport, in addition to academics and a job, increases students’ stress. When track athlete Anne Jang (Jr.) was asked about her rigorous schedule, she said, “I participate in track in addition to my job at Yogurtland as well as school work. It is difficult to balance these three things out, especially in the midst of junior year, the year in which colleges inspect your work the most.” Jang takes rigorous Advanced Placement courses and it is difficult for track and her job to not get in the way of her receiving the stellar grades she strives to achieve. Jang said, “Juggling my job, track, and school makes almost no time for a social life. I often find myself grasping for time during track to study and do my homework. It is a very demanding lifestyle.” Despite the difficulties, Jang mentions that her job “is definitely something I don’t appreciate [enough]. It definitely adds an extra load to my plate, but I wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t have this job to commit my time to.” When asked about her feelings toward her job itself, Jang said she “really enjoys spending time at Yogurtland. It is a fun and quirky environment and the tasty yogurt is definitely a bonus!”
Having a job is definitely a good investment for students’ time. When asked about the benefits of having a job, Winston Lin (Sr.) said,  “I also feel a sense of freedom as I am able to make my own money.” Lin attributes being able to manage a difficult schedule, while also having more money to do enjoy the activities he desires to do, to having a job. Winston works as a tutor to younger kids seeking academic assistance. Lin said, “I really enjoy enlightening my pupils with help. When I help a student understand a concept, I feel a sense of fulfillment that gives me pleasure that transcends the money-based reward of my job.” Lin enjoys conversing and building bonds with his pupils that ultimately result in a better learning experience for the students. “I feel a strong connection with my pupils so that I am not only their tutor but also their friend. I truly enjoy their company and it is a productive use of my time.”
If you think you can handle a difficult work schedule in addition to that of your schoolwork, investing time and energy into a job may be a good option for you. You will be able to build vital workforce skills that will definitely come in handy as you progress later in life, while also earning some additional pocket money.