Eine mural egged day after completed

Staff Writer

On Thursday night, an incident occurred in which someone threw about one dozen eggs at a mural recently completed by notable street artist Ben Eine on the side of the Big Theater. Aidan Galassetti (Sr.) was one of the first people to notice the damage, around 7:30 AM. Galassetti said that he had to “walk close to the mural to notice because the eggs were pretty faint.” The eggs were quickly cleaned up by the janitors with no lasting damage on the mural itself.

The mural, which reads “Diversity,” had been completed on Thursday by Ben Eine, a renowned street artist who had recently come and given a presentation to Mrs. Kessler’s and Mrs. Kramer’s fine arts class.

The UHS administration is currently investigating the incident using different security camera angles to identify the suspect.

The mural, while finished artistically, is still being reinforced to make it more weather-resistant to prevent further damage.

Galassetti said that “this person or people reflect badly on the entire school. A world-renowned artist volunteered his services for free to Uni, and did a terrific job. I only worked on 10-15% of the mural, but feel terrible for the disrespect a certain or multiple Uni students have showed to Eine.”