Guest Wi-Fi shut down to accommodate Chromebooks


The guest Wi-Fi has been taken down. The staff Wi-Fi is locked and inaccessible by students. (Danya Clein)

News Editor
The guest Wi-Fi at UHS has been shut down and is scheduled to return in late October to provide space for new Chromebooks. The system can only function under a certain amount of devices, so IUSD will be upgrading the technology here and throughout the district to increase bandwidth.
Over the past few years, UHS has been increasing connectivity to the stadium, quad and gym. However, this increase has come with its own problems. “There were too many student devices being logged onto the guest Wi-Fi,” Mr. Dominic Fratantaro (Staff) said. “It was clogging the system, the labs weren’t working, and students were complaining about the speed and spottiness.”
80 new Chromebooks have been added to the AP English Language and Composition classes as part of a pilot program. Additionally, there are over 100 Chromebooks in the DHH program and new computers in the Intro to Engineering classes. “If we turned on the guest Wi-Fi, we would run the chance of having the Language and DHH Chromebooks not working,” Fratantaro said. The Chromebooks in the AP Language classes and DHH program are connected through the teachers’ Wi-Fi.
IUSD is improving infrastructure with new hardware and fiber optic cables to provide schools with an increased bandwidth. The expansion will allow for more student use and classroom devices. Originally the updates were scheduled to be finished late summer but have been pushed back to finish late fall.
These upgrades are all part of a plan to update technology throughout the district. The technology at UHS has not been updated in 6 years. “With technology, it’s outdated right when you put it in,” Fratantaro said.
UPDATE: The guest Wi-Fi has been turned on in the areas in and around room 216/217, room 925 and room 309/310.