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The Brilliant, Imperfect, One-of-a Kind Legacy Kobe Leaves Behind.

By STANLEY MORIGUCHI AND ALLAN ZENG Staff Writers On January 26th, Laker and basketball legend Kobe Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash along with his second eldest daughter Gianna (Gigi) Bryant and 7 other passengers. Kobe’s death may have very well been the most shocking celebrity death this century, and certainly the most tragic...


Kody Uyesugi’s Shot Makes Sports Center Top 10

By KIEL MESSINGER AND NIMA MOVAHEDI Sports Section Editor and Staff Writer  University High School Junior Kody Uyesugi’s near full court game winner against Sonny Hills went viral, making ESPN Sports Centers Top 10 plays.  After allowing a bucket that put Sonny Hills in the lead, Uyesugi took the inbounds with under three seconds left,...


Boys Basketball defeats Woodbridge to advance to CIF

By JOSHUA KIM Staff Writer Boys Basketballs defeated Woodbridge 50-53 in final game of the season. The game was especially important, as it was the deciding match for the team for whether they would move onto CIF. The team started off strong with a 15 point lead in the first half. “Our team started off...


Boys Basketball edges out Woodbridge 77-73

By JOSHUA KIM Staff Writer Boys Basketball beat Woodbridge by a score of 77-73 on January 11. The victory took place on Woodbridge’s home court and was the team’s first season win. Team captain and senior Brandon Liu reflected on how the game’s environment affected the team’s play overall. It was a very close game....


Turnovers crucial in Boys Basketball loss to Sonora

By KIEL MESSINGER Staff Writer Boys Varsity Basketball had a costly 17 turnovers in a 79-88 loss to Sonora.  The team led by two points heading into the final quarter, where they were outscored 31-20. The game took place on November 28, and gave the Trojans a 3-3 pre-season record. “We had some bad turnovers down...