Making Ends Meet: a poem

Contributing Writer

From 9:00 to 5:00,
From day to night.
I work with all my being
To keep the lights burning bright.

I would rather be watching a movie,
Or reading a good book.
But life makes me
A lawyer, a doctor, or a cook.

Why do we heed society,
With all its requirements and demands?
Can’t we think for ourselves,
Rather than wander the sands?

But life is never easy,
Its path never straight.
We must all realize this,
Before it’s too late.

Sometimes life will win.
And we’ll wallow in defeat.
But do we stop fighting,
And simply take our seats?

Nay, for there are lessons learnt
In our struggles.
Blessings to be discovered
Amid all our troubles.

For we become better people,
The best that we can be.
We reach our full potential
When we make ends meet.