Stretched Thin: a poem


Size as needed (160 dpi, 25p x 63p), Color photo illustration of right side of woman’s face with closed eye; superimposed is image of open eye with a person falling beneath the eye. San Jose Mercury News, 1996 CATEGORY: ILLUSTRATION SUBJECT: Virtual fear illus ARTIST: Staff ORIGIN: San Jose Mercury News TYPE: EPS JPEG SIZE: As needed ENTERED:7/24/96 REVISED: STORY SLUG: Stand-alone illustration, features, fear, anxiety, fall, falling, face, woman, SJ, 1996

Contributing Writer

(MCT 1996)

Awake but asleep
Inside I weep
In want of much needed slumber

A page a day
My life must play
This script, I need another…

For my life has been nothing,
But the hate, and the weight,
Of “too late” and “second rate”

Alive but still
No life, no will
To live a day, to suffer