Staff Writer
I am in love with an abstraction.
                                Stuck between thinking and feeling,
Between feeling and speaking, the words die
on the seat of lips parted.                            I confess in a dream,
               kissing the horizon where the sky meets                the sea.
I fall forever, leaving reality at the shore.
I swim with my eyes closed, and
              dye my skin blue
until I cannot tell where my body ends and the water begins,
              until it too becomes my nature to possess.
Water is a carnal thing,
               but guilt is carnivorous. It devours all it touches,
and grows impossibly large with each passing phase
of the moon. Before I realize, I sink   deeper,
deeper,         until I’m lulled to the bottom of an ocean
              that doesn’t exist.
I wake and I am alone in my bed.
I recall the seas, the skies,
               the sadness.         Salt stings my cheeks.
I think of the boy with shaking hands and scarred fingers
He had blue eyes,
                             and I wanted to kiss him. Wanted to know
               drowning,          without any hope of recovery. To find
simplicity in another body,
so to untether the obscurity of love         from being.
               So I crashed my lips onto his,
never expecting to find an entire ocean behind them.