Three Lads & The World

Staff Writer
The tale that I share,
The tale of three lads,
Will rhyme quite such,
But is quite sad
The tale that I share,
The tale of Willie, Winchester, and Walt,
Reveals their flaws,
All at their own fault
Willie, the lad,
In want of truth,
But pity the lad,
For he thinks like youth,
Bamboozled and baffled,
Willie lives like fiction,
Unaware of true life,
For “dude” is his diction
Winchester, the lad,
Who walks with swagger,
Carries a thick wallet,
But his ego, much fatter,
But pity the lad,
For “he’s too good,”
Neglects what he wants,
And never asks “What could?”
Walt, the lad
The saddest of them all,
Seems so normal,
Yet at crisis happening, never appalled,
Walt cares none,
Out of his choice,
The potential to be more,
Yet rather stay unvoiced,
His mind so warped,
By Twitter and Instagram,
Mediums meant to let you care,
But fills his feed with “it’s lit fam,”
These three are lads,
Each with flaws,
Vacate best of humanity,
The beauty to be involved,
Neglecting this beauty,
They’ll forever be blind,
Asking one question,
“Why Would I?”
And to them, I answer:
This life can be more,
Obsess, exhaust, and pour,
Mind into creativity,
Body into rigor,
Soul into passion,
Find not only yourself,
But beyond,
Limb of a greater body,
The world.