The Turquoise Rock

Staff Writer
I found a rock at the beach today
It caught my eye while I was walking
A beautiful shade of turquoise
It stood out from all the rest
I picked it up and ran my fingers over it
It fit right into the palm of my hand
I took it home with me
There was a spot on my desk for it
I always loved looking at it
It reminded me of the day at the beach
It made me happy for quite some time
But after a while the color began to fade
I knew what was wrong
It missed the beach
I would rinse it with water sometimes
And the color would return
But only for a little while
And that was all I could do
“If you love something, let it go”
I was reluctant to do so
But the rock belonged at the beach
Where it could be free
Because that’s where its true beauty was
I still have the rock for now
But soon I will return it to where it came from, so it can be happy
Maybe one day it’ll find its way back to me
In a month or a year when I go back to the beach
And we can remember the times we had together
I know I’ll always love my rock