Mountains: a poem

Staff Writer


With my

Heart pounding,

And face sweating,

I must face my Everest.

The sum of all my hard work

And waiting leads to this moment.

But first I must overcome a hill: you.

The human sees a rock and sees nothing,

But the ant sees the rock and sees a mountain.

Just the same you try to trivialize my tribulations.

However, hills don’t require much strength or will,

And the stretch before helps prepare for the actual race.

I try to focus at the zenith, but all I see are the rocky cliffs.

Still, I continue to persevere step by step and reach after reach,

But the clouds fog my vision, and the peak seems to be so far away.

Feeling alone with nothing to encourage me, with nothing to support me,

I feel my dominant hand slipping until all I could do is hang onto the rocky edge.

Then, with what’s left of my determination, I violently grab the branch that’s sticking out.

After the hardest hurdle, the last remaining steps seem be easier and my load seems to get lighter.

Finally, standing at the top of the mountain and breathing in the fresh air, I smile because I made it.