When I Turned In a Study Guide Late: a poem

Staff Writer

This is the time I got graded eight out of ten.
I had to turn in a study guide with my partner, my classmate out of ten
But when I turned it in, it was late out of ten,
And it was so thorough, I thought it was great out of ten,
But my teacher said, “No way out of ten,”
So I told her a bunch of excuses, how it was fate out of ten,
But she showed me no love, just hate out of ten,
Then I started thinking more about fate out of ten,
How things just seem inescapable, something we can’t shake out of ten,
How we’re a bunch of fish, and life is just bait out of ten,
And how people talk about love, and soulmates out of ten,
How people slave away, for the heavenly gates out of ten,
Believing there’s an afterlife, and it’s something you can negotiate out of ten,
“Hurry, repent your sins,” They propagate out of ten,
But what if it’s just something to say, to eradicate out of ten,
All the crimes and selfishness in humans, to regulate out of ten,
What if we’re just being lied to, to keep us in place out of ten,
And there’s no one upstairs, and no judgement date out of ten,
Does this mean we can just have our way out of ten?

But that’d be way too cake out of ten,
To do anything, and incriminate out of ten
Because life’s not that simple, to just manipulate out of ten,
Because there’s still tomorrow, and the next day out of ten,
With our neighbors and friends, to say “Hey” out of ten,
And yeah, there’d still be people fake out of ten,
Who will cheat you, and call you a mate out of ten,
But that feeling of being wronged, gives us a taste out of ten,
What it’s like to be lied to, and kicked in the face out of ten,
And that’s called sympathy, which stimulates out of ten,
Our instinct to be decent, and participate out of ten,
Into the community, everyday out of ten,
A society and group, to assimilate out of ten,
Colleagues and partners, to associate out of ten,
To work together, like my classmate out of ten,
Who knows me not but hate out of ten,
Ever since I turned in that study guide late out of ten,
And we both got eight out of ten.