Hate Her: a poem

Staff Writer
It was lie after lie after lie,
She stole but was never convicted,
Putting on the best mask and disguise,
But her long wooden nose contradicted.
Shocked, afflicted, and upset,
Tears fell too fast for tissues,
Every moment with her, I regret,
For now I’m left with trust issues.
She took away my innocent years,
From a state of pure optimism,
To one where I have too many fears,
Between the world and me, a schism.
I have a wall between me and her,
A thousand soldiers guarding the gate,
Made up of stone and other layers,
The strongest gun could not penetrate.
Every word from her mouth I don’t hear,
They’re just like the sounds of dark places,
That I avoid and stay clear,
They’re now forgotten names and strange faces.
Whenever I try to remember,
All I could ever hear:
I hate her, I hate her,
Then my sight becomes unclear.