States of Yours, States of Mind: a poem

Staff Writer
Has got something for ya,
And you’ll never be alone,
If you were born here,
You’d want to stay near,
Because the beach is your second home.
But why Wyoming?
Why go leave for some place nobody thinks of?
Where you’ll be sick and tired of everything
And eventually leave?
I was just at Wisconsin,
Where you’ve been gone since
You said let’s run away,
But it reminded you of your past,
And it was the last thing you needed,
So you left yesterday.
We said hi in Ohio,
You seemed so good from far away,
But as we got closer
And as you inched towards her,
I said I had to go another way,
Years later I hear you got married in Maryland,
With that girl who held your hand,
All seems golden
Because she’s holding everything for you,
But when love hurt and the weight became a burden,
She left for a different land.
You went up to the Empire State
To escape a lost love,
But in New York there is no work
For a man who could only afford one glove.
Now you’re back in Cali,
Even though you have nothing,
You happily walk the shores of the coast
Because the waves don’t need you to boast of riches,
And all that matters is you’re back with me and the sea.