7 Seconds: a poem

Staff Writer
I stood at edge of the rock, feeling the heat beneath my feet
And the sun against my back
I saw the water below me, clear and still
It seemed to be calling to me
I took a few steps back, never taking my eyes off it,
I ran forward, and leaped
I had 7 seconds to fall before I hit the water
7 seconds where nothing else mattered
For that moment, I was weightless
I had time to think, but nothing crossed my mind
I closed my eyes, and heard the silence around me
The world around me had stopped
I hit the water, and water surrounded me in an instant
I felt for the ground beneath me, but there was none
I wanted to stay there forever, but I had to come up eventually
I finally came up out of the water, and took a deep breath
The world had started again