Eyes: a short story

Staff Writer
         It is said that eyes are the window to the soul.  This makes sense to me.  It seems that most people I know have brown eyes.  The shades of brown that I have seen range from a golden hue to a dark chocolate color.  Brown eyes are beautiful, especially when they reflect a sparkle that tells the world the owner of the eyes has a spirit and a gift for life. Brown eyes can be soulful and deep.  They can also be mysterious and cautious.  This all depends on the person.   
          My mother has blue eyes.  She inherited the color from her mother.  They are light blue and seem to reflect the sky.  When she is angry they darken.  It is a warning sign.  On sunny days the blue eyes twinkle with energy.  Her blue eyes are sensitive and are often hidden behind sunglasses.  What a shame to hide them and not leave them out in the world to share such a lovely shade of blue.  
          Green eyes are the most rare.  There are several shades of green, and they are all impenetrable.  The extra colors from light to dark reflect the magical of science that make up the human eye.  Green eyes are associated with earth, with grass, and with spring.  Life and existence are summed up when scrutinizing eyes of green.  
          What if all the people with their beautiful eyes saw the same things?  What if we all saw our world and appreciated what we have.  What if we could universally acknowledge that each set of our eyes has similar wants and needs.  We want happiness and we need safety, friendship, family, shelter, and food.  Each carrier of human eyes shares the need for water.  We are all made up of the same things; we are primarily water and each of us has carbon as our basic element.  I wish all of the shades of eyes in our world found the uniqueness and beauty of the other.  Instead of selfish thoughts and harmful actions, what if all of our eyes looked at each other instead of only inwardly?  Our world would be a much better place for the next millennium of brown eyed, blue eyed, and green eyed folks.