The Line: a poem

Staff Writer
There is a very fine line between being brave and being reckless.
Many view every act as a game,
Where the person is aiming to win by building fake courage,
Motivated by an approval or the namesake of being extraordinary.
They want to outlast their own expectations,
Or meet the expectations of others.
But few view an act as something else.
They pursue it, not to win, not to gain,
But to take the step everyone else is afraid to take,
To make every word stand tall-
Even if it stands alone.
It’s more often that they do not receive the approval of others,
Facing obstacles of judgement, opposition, and rage.
They earn the namesake of courageous, but many times are labelled as
They are not ordinary.
You see, both are not the same.
There is a very fine line between being inspired and being influenced.
.Many fall into an array of false promises
That are crafted to temporarily satiate a person’s desires and hopes,
To convince a person’s mind with just a simple image
Of what could be.
They want to absorb the disillusioned hopes and successes of another’s existence,
That they forget to create their own.
But others see a dream past society’s picture and its creases.
They pursue it– not to take in, not to cope;
They extract what is untainted by the desires of society or its lineage,
And uncover the greater picture
That requires a heart that seeks something more,
More of what few can see.
They are not ordinary.
You see, both are not the same.
There is a fine line between every motivation and source of action;
Ordinary and unoridinary.
There is a fine line.