Advice from Persephone: a poem

Staff Writer
Your name is meant to sound like soft rain on a spring day
but it crumbles beneath the tongues of those
who cannot strangle your syllables to their dialect
instead of blushing, tell them to enunciate.
Live with abandon.
Your mother cannot protect you forever, although she might like to
Set ablaze all the bridges you’ve built
and find new ways to cross them
Your friends will still be there waiting when you arrive on the other side.
Experience all the seasons
Contrary to popular belief life is not just made of springs and summers But also of vermillion falls and bone-cold winters
Do not let yourself be intoxicated by the warmth and flowers
When the world has so much more to offer.
Love who you wish to love
The heart should not be easily swayed
Do not let anyone else tell you different
Their judgment will stay thousands of years after you disappear
There is no point in listening.