Why To Live

Staff Writer

In the earth,
every molecule of my body
presses together, forming some
sort of malleable human figure-

solidifying in stature, and personal stance,
I come,
babbling out of the cracks,
incoherent sentences dribble over my lips like saliva-

my skin tightens around my cheeks,
pulls snugly across my shins
as my eyes clear,
and tufts of hair sprout all over my freckled body-

I unlearn suffering
as I unlearn love-

relearning myself,
I shrink again-

growing opposite of my peers,
I grow small,
as I gain more knowledge
I can’t seem to
remember where I  come from-

that’s when I learn
the fine line
between being
and not-

what a pleasure to balance on the line.

right before conception,
the unmeaning of my life
hits me,

and all I can think of is-